March 27, 2016

Hair Crushin'

My favorite editorial pics from Vogue Spain March. 

My hair crush on Anais Mali may be unhealthy at this point. I'm in love with her perfectly tousled second day traveler hair. 

Photos via The Smile Blog. Click the link to see the full editorial. 

If you aren't following them you're missing out on so much life! 
Editorial porn for days. Their archive goes back to 2008. 

Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael

March 24, 2016

Something Good Vs Something Great

I found this amazing piece in Europe the Summer I moved back home. I ALMOST left the flea market without it because it was a little too loose for my taste. THEN the previous owner showed me it was reversible and it was a done deal. I actually fell in love with the loose fit and long sleeve. Can't wait to show off the darker shade this fall!

The detail in this silk tapestry coat explains everything that I love about searching for vintage. DETAILS. Something conventional clothing...even luxury brands...can lack. 

Scooped these turquoise cord mixed metal earrings at a rummage sale a few miles from my house. 

Paired with Zara black skinnies and Zara wrap strap heels.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

March 16, 2016

Last Warm Day of Winter

Took advantage of the last warm day of winter last week....but knowing Georgia weather we could very well have a freeze next week. 

My bestie snapped these in the backyard bf heading downtown. 

I <3 the 70s vibe of this skirt pockets. This was my first attempt at a blind hem and through all of the frustration it actually turned out great! BIG thank you to my Aunt Becky for showing me the ropes. 

Paired the skirt with the thigh highs I bought in Germany last Christmas, my Anne Klein body suit and leather bag. Both thrifted. 

Seemingly yours,

J. Michael

March 15, 2016

20 Below...

Sorry for the blurry pics...Freezing Temperatures + Sub Zero Winds = Snap and GO!

This vest was super simple and is one of my favorite pieces to date!
I found this deep emerald green blazer on my trip to Philly this year at Philly AIDS Thrift...
I'll post photos of their amazing shop soon.

I cut the sleeve open to check the seam allowance under the lining. If you have at least half an inch the new seam should lay nicely without any pucker or bulge.

Paired with my dark Zara skinnies, 90s thrifted ribbed turtle neck, and Nine West
color block snake skin Mary Jane pump.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael