November 12, 2013

Hold Fast

 Rompers have risen to the top of my list for favorite finds through my vintage excursions.
Normally, the only thing holding them back from joining 2013 is the length of the sleeves and the doughty length of the shorts.
 I love to add cuffs to pretty much every romper I reseam. It adds a little detail to them and a more professional finish if I get a perfectly straight line.
 This vintage '96 Olympics Games charm bracelet is why I live to thrift. Its incredibly well made and was only two bucks! I'm in love with the design and history etched into each charm.
 Strolling around Buckhead on Sunday shopping for bridesmaid dresses. For this fit I only cuffed the shorts and removed the sleeves. Everything else fit perfectly.
FULL FIT: reseamed romper and Nine West American Vintage boots. 
Thanks to my BFF for snapping some pics before we ventured in to the store.
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael

November 3, 2013

StreetStyle: Little Five Points

Snapped all of these running around the A3C events in the Atlanta area last month. I had so much fun randomly meeting other bloggers. More looks from around the Atlanta area are on the way.
Met Cortney from and she is seriously a gem! Check out her blog along with the answers given below to a couple of my inquiries about why she started blogging in the first place and how she developed her style.

I work for a NASCAR team and am the only female on the team. Additionally, my spare time is typically spent taking in the local racing at small tracks in the area. Heels at a racetrack = “pit lizard”, “waffle belly”, “racer-chaser”… you get the point. I hated seeing my closet full of nice clothes sitting unworn.  And the web developer in me was yearning to design something girly… I’m talking chevron, sparkles, leopard-print, the whole nine! It terrified me to put my style, thoughts, and suggestions out on the interwebs but, as Sylvia Plath said, “the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”.
Beyond that, I’m hoping that the blog develops as a lifestyle blog as well; an online diary for my friends and family scattered around the country now. I hope it develops and grows as I do and I can’t wait to see what it becomes!

I’ve always tried to be a little unique in all aspects of my life. My fashion emerged as an outward expression of that in recent years. You know, the older we get the more comfortable we are being ourselves. I began following a number of bloggers and grew a deeper appreciation for the risks they take and how the paradoxical pieces seemed to work. Combine that with the “all dressed up with nowhere to go” mentality I developed working in NASCAR and you’ve got the makings of a fashion blogger! ;)
@swaziprincess28 slaying these leather detailed joggers.

Wise on Peter's Street filling me in on what makes all menswear work.
 "Men's fashion is all on the details. It's all about patterns, textures, color and, more importantly, fit. It doesn't matter whether it's J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren or Target...a great fitting suit wins every time."
Slid by the CupcakeMafia booth to take in their styles on and off the rack (left @inmyownlain right owner of CupcakeMafia). Check out their website. Lots of unique statement pieces, makeup, and jewelry dripping with a rough girly edge.
Loved this leotard! @foreversade_ is a model found on the CupcakeMafia site. Check out her entertainment blog and follow her on IG. 
Kevin promoting his show. Loved his purple vans and gages.
All vintage and all thrifted! JaLynda is the co-founder of the app ThriftPic. I'm hoping we can have a future sit down and talk about our passions. Check out her and her brother's app, blog, and follow them on IG. Join the community they are trying to bring together through the power of being a thrifty shopper. More information on ThriftPic coming soon...till then follow them.
IG: @thriftpic Blog: JaLynda: @ispylynlyn
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael

October 29, 2013

Adult Playground

Total trip recap. From my flight leaving me at the gate to my BFF turning 20 bucks in 275. My Vegas experience was more then I could have asked for.

Made this fit for my BFF before we left. Simple bodycon split. I'll be making one for myself in the future along with a YouTube tutorial. Stay tuned...
Jabbawokeez surprise performance at LAX made my night! They were beyond amazing.

Yes these were taken at we hadn't been to sleep. 

This trip to IN-N-OUT was crucial. I never step foot on the West coast without making a stop. AND I HAAADDD to take a picture of a girls no bun "protein style" burger. WILL be doing. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

Palms' Ghost Bar

Picked this piece up for four Euro at one of my favorite thrift shops in Echterdingen, Germany.  
 This shift dress may be one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. Most likely because it was so simple to reseam. I simply ripped the seam of the bottom layer and removed those God awful shoulder pads.
The Palms' Ghost Bar was one of the best spots we made it to in Vegas. The ambiance of the penthouse party house along with the Dj set the tone for our last night in the city.
 Check my BFF's fit: Leapard Print Wedges, Pink Trumpet Top, Black Leather Shorts.
Snip Shoulders...
 and Rip Seams.
Hope these club pics were enough for you to get a feel for how the dress came out. I plan on wearing it again this winter with black tights and booties. I'll make sure to post better angles.
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael 


October 23, 2013

Caesar Strolled.

BEFORE: Standing in my European hallway wearing my previously doughty red shorts. Can't lie...I miss traveling around Europe. A LOT!
 Finished these while still in Germany and FINALLY got to wear them months later on The Strip.

Woke up early ONE morning in Vegas to walk the strip, do some morning gabbling (40 bucks whoop whoop lol), and take in the city of sin during the day.  
I <3 these shoes, but sadly they're too large. If you wear a ten and half contact and I'll send. No lie.  
Drinking. Not winning. lol. 
FULL FIT: Vintage bustier (Hamburg, Germany Flohemarket post), Vintage woven bag (Krakow, Poland post), Re-Seamed red shorts, Steve Madden wedges. 

Please excuse my sleepy smile. But I had to share this photo from the greatest slot machine in the Caeser's Palace. Even make-up couldn't hide four hours of sleep.
(Sorry no seaming photos. Once again from the early days.)
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael

October 19, 2013

From Sun-up to Sun-down

This romper belongs...well the madre. I literally remember her doing yard work in it as a child. It's one solid piece, you would have never known!

 Coming out of LAX night club after watching the Jabowakeez surprise performance!
(Beyond excited they showed up, I was about to drop $80 to go see them lol. )

 Full Fit: Madre's Romper, Zara Shoes, Grand Prix jacket, Vintage Anne Klein Clutch

 From day to night. Dawned this romper twice in two settings because it just worked!

Strolling down to Little Five Points for the A3C day events a while back in my Barcelona Espadrilles. Street Style Post from that event coming soon.
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael

October 4, 2013

A3C Kept Me Out Till 3:00

 BEFORE: snatched this "work shirt" out of the madre's closet before I moved back to Atlanta...telling on myself. I highly recommend that not another soul purchase a crop top for twenty, thirty, or forty dollars when you can thrift and dig for shirts that just need to be shortened.

Went to the A3C Hip Hop Festival last night to support my twp BFF's who make up the song writing team 2ndFloor. Follow that Link!  

 I've added a lot of black to my closet lately because of my job and now I can't stop wearing it!

 Sorry pics are so dark. This is what happens when you wait till three in the morning to ask your very tired friend to take pictures of you.

Full Fit: Meilen Werk leather jacket, reseamed crop top, lizard thicket boutique jeans, nine west boots.

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So the simplicity of this is astounding. I've probably made at least six of these tops since I've been home. All of which I picked up at local thrift stores or pulled out of my own closet.
Measure the portion around your top you plan to chop. Pin and Cut.
(yes I will always use my cardboard rulers lol )
Keep that extra piece to test on your sewing machine for correct settings. This fabric is very very stretchy and has a ton of embroidery which can get stuck while you sew. Check for loose threads around your hem and take that baby piece for a test run before you hem your tank.
The pic to the left is of my test run going to perfection. Simply sew and your done.
Make sure to keep an eye on those pins.
P.S. no pic of my ironing but you know I did!
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael

September 29, 2013

Hold On Summer...

 SKIRT BEFORE: Picked this skirt up thrifting in Zurich last winter. Hence forth the mess on my floor. One day I will be one of those people who diligently clean before travel...probably not though.
TOP BEFORE: Wore this top before our cruise set sail from Venice over the summer. Check out my Venetian Courtyard post to see how else I styled it along with the full process pics. 

Went to lunch over the weekend with the girls to indulge in a few Po'Mans Platters at Republic Social House. Until Atlanta weather dips below eighty during the day I refuse the embrace the fall.

 Took a detour with one of my besties to snap some pics around the Grant Park area.
This oxblood clutch remains to be one of my favorite Deutschland finds. Only SEVEN EUROS!!

The newest accessory I've added to my collection. Currently on the hunt for the perfect vintage jewelry box. Wish me luck!

I love the fit of this skirt. After throwing back my drink, shot, AND beer it was still flattering.
(that po'mans platter is no joke and only $8.88. If you're in the Atlanta area check it out!)

Full Fit: Steve Madden Heels, RayBan sunnies, re-seamed H&M top, re-seamed second-hand skirt.

Sorry there aren't more pics. This skirt is from my early alter adventures...before I documented well. The bottom row of pins is for the actual hem, the top is what I do with the extra material before I cut.
Fold the excess you are going to remove up into the skirt and pin it. Try on your piece before you make any cuts to ensure you've pinned properly and that it's not too short/long. It may take longer but it always leads to better results.
Laying the skirt down flat also allows you to make sure the back in a little longer then the front. Check back at the photo before to ensure you have a "U" shape. This will keep the skirt from exposing your goodies as you move and it rides up.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael