August 12, 2017

Why I Rent the Runway

Who's down to spend hundreds of dollars on one piece? I.e. one dress...worn once....every 2 years?
Not me...anymore.

Regardless of where you are in life, you've spent hard earned money on formal wear for someone else's occasion, OR will soon be in the same boat. This post is to encourage you to skip that boat sinking ship.

At this point, Rent the Runway has been killing the game for years.
The "every girl's dream" start up was created by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss in 2009 and has grown into a multi-million dollar one-stop-shop for thousands of women. 
Click this link to see a video showcasing their story.

This red dress fit like a dream! It was elegant, flowy, comfy on the dance floor and a compliment magnet.

This was most certainly a pricier selection for me, but renting a knockout designer piece over purchasing a trendy fast fashion throw away dress makes more sense now than ever. While prepping for this post in my mind (yes...that is a thing), it dawned on me how crucial this business model is for our "I have nothing to wear" culture. I'll cover more about this impact on a later post.

I've personally never ordered accessories, handbags, or casual day wear from the site. I usually reserve my RTR dollars for weddings or engagement parties, but with this last experience, I may give some casual wear a go. 

The Beaux and I had an amazing night.

Seamingly yous,

J. Michael

July 16, 2017

Two Easy Seams

Bodycons have never been my go to item for several can't eat, slouch, 
take long strides, run in a pinch, etc. 

So needless to say I ALMOST passed on this 90s orange dress during my last sourcing trip. 
The length and material were definitely the selling point on this one. 

*Hair flips*

Beyond easy to pin, add two seams, cut the sides, and go! 

Thrift Tip: 
Don't shy away from something that's one/two sizes to big. 
When it comes to tailoring your closet that can be the best starting point!

 Took these pics on the Southside in the sticks because the madre made a last minute visit. 
Hence the blogger's quintessential railroad track scene. 
Thanks big bro for the pics :)

This 70s bucket bag perfection came from @_itspoppin vintage

....and this is how I wrap! 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

April 2, 2017

Chop and Style

A good vintage romper is hands down my favorite thing to find while sourcing for the shop. The waist is always cinched just right and the legs are comfily loose. I honestly only needed to chop the shorts off for my trip to New Orleans with the fam last weekend. Everything else was perfect!

Of course I broke my phone....because technology is not my friend...
so the in-process pictures are gone along with a few other pics from around the city.

BUT I was able to salvage this amazing mural from Frenchmen Street. So serene.

Shout out to the madre for the photos.

On our last day, we ran by the Lafayette Cemetery for a self guided tour of the grounds.
*thank you Google*

New Orleans' cemeteries are truly a site to see. The fact that entire families are buried in the same tiny box is befalling. It's eery to read the carved marble walls and realize there are 8 people inside!

Not Pictured: scrumptious food and left over Mardi Gras beads everywhere this link
You're welcome. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

March 19, 2017

In Between

Scooped this denim shirt dress while in Columbus for the little bros graduation from basic training... *tear*

The weather has been so weird lately. Hot one minute, cold the next, and SNOWING shortly after.

Definitely changed into something warmer later that night, but the long sleeve and thick fabric were perfect for the trickster that has been Georgia days. 

*frequent winds pictured here*

We call her The Angle. 

Took photos with the bestie ALL afternoon to capture the next project I'll be working on.


We shot a quick photo series at Paris on Ponce. My booth will have a FULL selection of vintage denim all summer long. All shapes, sizes, fits, washes, eras....details coming soon.


Outside of the strategic fraying, this reseam was really a simple hem. 

 Gave her two washes and tweezed out every white cross thread. Last minute quick fix.
*eye roll*

Denim continues to fray and fray and fray...even with the added seam this dress will continue to unravel at the bottom. Don't over-fray and allow nature to take it's course. 

Not a fan of the rolled up bulky and bumpy. Chopping off the wrists allowed each cuff to lay smooth and thick. Full disclosure, there is a very unfinished hem under that cuff. 

Salvaged a few useable scraps. I see a patchwork denim project and button swap in my future. 

 This sums up the weather! Glad to see these blooms made it through this weeks frost. 

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Seamingly yours,

J. Michael