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 Ninety nine cent skirt found at the Fayette Thrift Shop.

Inherited "hi" pins from the madre. They were previously worn daily with her bell bottoms in high school so they are flooded with nostalgia. There's nothing like finding things in your mom's closet.
Wearing re-seamed floral skirt, lulus top, steve madden wooden platform sandal.

I know it's silly how I hem, but I find one set measurement makes it easier to get a straighter hem. Constantly trying to line up mini tick lines on a ruler to your desired length can get irritating, so I make a cardboard ruler for each skirt I hem. 

IRON IRON IRON!!! (and plz excuse my sock lol)
It makes the process so much faster! When I first started altering my thrift store finds I would always skip this step. After ripping out countless seams and having to start over on pieces I finally took the madre's advice. Of course she was correct and I haven't strayed from using one since.
Always go a little longer in the back to account for the skirt possibly riding up.

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J. Michael