August 31, 2013

Hamburg Flohmarkt

Never envisioned I would make it to Hamburg even though each and every Saturday they have two large flea markets in the city (it's just TOO far from Stuttgart). Luckily, our next family cruise around the Baltics set sail from the city so we went early to explore and shop!
 Sadly, I was only able to make it to one location (you can only drag around non-thrifters for so long). I would highly recommend going if you are close to the city on the weekend. I found some great pieces and my mother's coworker got super solid glassware for her home for 1 euro a piece!

Sadly no large square silk pieces. I will always and forever remain faithfully on the hunt.
The things lying around these places tickle me.
I loathe stacking and un-stacking folded tops, however, sometimes you do uncover gems. I uncovered my new burnt orange Henley with leather patch details in this one.
Also purchased a baby pink rose leotard and matching bustier top, dark camel shirt dress, navy blue cardigan with large brass buttons. I've always wanted an American Apparel leotard but I could never bring myself to put up the proper coinage. I'm in love with this one!
Check out the link for the location and hours of operation for each flea market:
J. Michael

August 28, 2013


 Went a tad bit crazy in Spain over the magic they call espadrilles. I'm sure you're all aware of the classic Catalonian style. La Manual Alpergatera has been making the espadrilles for fashion since the 1940s. Check out the link to their website at the end of this post.
The store is located a few blocks off of Las Ramblas. My bestie and I had a hard time finding it at first, but we asked a police officer and he pointed us directly to the location.

La Manuel Alpargatera was ridiculously jammed packed both days I went for shoes. However, it was totally worth the wait as the staff were all very helpful and cheerful regardless of the crowd.

Check out their website or if you find yourself in the area stop in. I was told you can order online, however, they do get a lot of traffic so it may take awhile. Each pair I purchased were true to size.
J. Michael

August 25, 2013


I took a trip down to Barcelona after our family cruise. My bff came to visit and we spent our days sipping drinks on the beach to Unapologetic, coming in at 7am, scarfing down the deliciousness at La Baqueria, and touring the city.
La Humana is a chain of thrift stores I've only found in Southern European countries. For sure if you are in Italy or Spain Google for some locations. They don't close for siesta, which is great from the tourist aspect. Reasonable prices...anywhere between five and fifteen euro for items. 

 Between both days I picked up a vintage pair of 70's checkered overall pants (soon to be shorts), navy blue drop waist dress, colorful cover-up, and sheer graphic tee.
J. Michael

August 16, 2013

Embedded Into Istanbul


The two days I spent in Istanbul were the most rewarding. I was hyped up on coffee for the entire 48 hours, shocked a man by telling him we make ice cream from yogurt, crossed over into the continent of Asia, and took in a whole lot of culture (the Blue Mosque during Ramadan was absolutely breathtaking). A beautiful welcoming city that I would recommend. No second hand though.  -_-  lol 
Feel free to ask for any info if you're taking a trip!

J. Michael

August 15, 2013


I love the fit and soft cotton of this floral romper. It's one of my favorite second hand finds, and with a little love I hemmed it up to a more desirable length. Worn with vintage earrings and Slim Ray Ban Wayfarers.  
I've been looking for a unique hookah (shisha across the pond) for legitimately years. I fell in love with this hand carved brass shisha and took baby girl home. The gentlemen was so sweet. He couldn't smoke with me because of Ramadan, however, he set it up to perfection.

The architecture in Turkey is mesmerizing. There are small mosques like this one all over the city
...along with much larger grand mosques like this one.
(Romper Before)
I hemmed up each leg to shorten the romper. I folded each side out rather then in to create a cuff.
J. Michael

August 2, 2013


My family's Venice trip was to catch a cruise around the Mediterranean. One of our stops was in Athens, Greece where I wore a dress I altered to work for the summer.

Ancient ally ways...
Strolling around the Acropolis.  
Removed the dress sleeves. Shortened the bottom. Turned the extra material into a belt for the dress. Sorry no pic of the belt, next time I wear it I'll snap a pic from the pack.
I altered this dress in January even though it was meant for warmer weather.
 Guess I had the winter blues. lol.