In Between

Scooped this denim shirt dress while in Columbus for the little bros graduation from basic training... *tear*

The weather has been so weird lately. Hot one minute, cold the next, and SNOWING shortly after.

Definitely changed into something warmer later that night, but the long sleeve and thick fabric were perfect for the trickster that has been Georgia days. 

*frequent winds pictured here*

We call her The Angle. 

Took photos with the bestie ALL afternoon to capture the next project I'll be working on.


We shot a quick photo series at Paris on Ponce. My booth will have a FULL selection of vintage denim all summer long. All shapes, sizes, fits, washes, eras....details coming soon.


Outside of the strategic fraying, this reseam was really a simple hem. 

 Gave her two washes and tweezed out every white cross thread. Last minute quick fix.
*eye roll*

Denim continues to fray and fray and fray...even with the added seam this dress will continue to unravel at the bottom. Don't over-fray and allow nature to take it's course. 

Not a fan of the rolled up bulky and bumpy. Chopping off the wrists allowed each cuff to lay smooth and thick. Full disclosure, there is a very unfinished hem under that cuff. 

Salvaged a few useable scraps. I see a patchwork denim project and button swap in my future. 

 This sums up the weather! Glad to see these blooms made it through this weeks frost. 

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Seamingly yours,

J. Michael