July 28, 2016


The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit at The High Museum was a pleasant surprise! The beau and I go to The High a few times a year and I was in aw at the length of the line on a Friday evening. Kept the pics to a minimum so ZERO spoiler alerts! 

There was a little something for everyone! Creepers and Yeezy Boots were front and center. I was expecting classic styles, brands, and shoes I've heard people say "changed the game" but it was truly a walk through history. 

The original 5 Converse styles. 

This was actually my favorite part of the exhibit...not sure why though. I didn't grow up when they were popular nor have I ever owned a pair (Converse and size ten feet don't mesh with my frame lol). 

Perhaps the quintessential balanced rough dirty exterior, that still holds true today, was nostalgic for me. 

The original sneaker heel circa 1920...to mitigate the concern that we ladies would lose our "femininity" by participating in sports. Three cheers for Progress!

Brought The City out...

Clearly the beau's favorite part too.
Lots of trips down memory lane with excited strangers at this point.

AND my favorite vase on the third floor. lol.  

Obviously not a sneaker head BUT I did bring out my own version from Asos! 
Paired with a 90s vintage Liz Claiborne cotton dress  (chopped the sleeves off of a while back).

Artwork, pics, diagrams, and videos not featured but they were dope. 
Definitely recommend if they make it to your city. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

June 14, 2016

Ultra High, Ultra Right.

Found this ultra high cut one piece last week JUST in time for what has come to be our annual boat party on Lake Lanier. Nothing less than heaven sent!

I still find myself stammering over vintage pieces that fit my frame like perfection. Hands down...this is the most flattering bathing suit I own. More proof I was born in the wrong era or something. lol.

Started with a serious soak in my go-to Tide/Woolite combo before changing out the lining. 

I found a very similar material from Joann's to switch out the lining. Trace the old lining with a pen leaving yourself a quarter of an inch seam allowance. Cut out your pattern.

After snipping out the new lining, I began sewing it in from back to front. Tuck the lining under the elastic and begin your stitch. The whole process was surprisingly simple!

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

Heads-up! If you're a small and looking to score something similar, GimmeShelterVintage has a more unique version of this one. Major plans to make a copycat version for myself.

June 1, 2016

Ode to Summers Past.

"Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds." ~Regina Brett

An ode to all of my sweet summers past. The epic summer anthems road trips constant moves memories in my head are on an endless real as there is so much going on .that I've had to pencil in all of the fun. Not exactly the run around aimlessly plans of my normal world, but I'm happy to be beyond busy with something that I love and have been working towards. 

I've spent so much time cultivating, nurturing, showering, and whatever else makes seedlings happy that seeing the sprouts pop out of my metaphorical soil are making me anxious. This summer I welcome all blooms. Big, bright, nestle-your-nose-in and take a deep breath blooms.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

p.s. photo via @ashleylongshoreart. she's amazing. look her up on ig. 

May 31, 2016

Hello There Summer...

Took this silk Evan Picone vintage maxi skirt on a trip to brunch last week.
For sure to be my summer staple look: comfy, airy, simple. 

I'll definitely be pairing with a simple tank and sandals for a few farmer's market runs. 
There will be several similar maxi skirts coming to the shop in the next few weeks. 

Brick wall to do the colors justice. 

Paired with a basic white crop top and brown sandals (can't remember the brand). Scooped them on sale from YOOX.com

Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael

May 10, 2016

Met Gala: Green Carpet Challenge

Calvin Klein's collaboration with the Green Carpet Challenge for the Met Gala embodied this year's theme in a way that moves fashion forward while keeping the planet in mind.

While one dress is made from fabric sourced from recycled water bottles, another utilizes organic materials mixed with zippers made from recyclables. The various elements and levels of carbon footprint reduction put a smile on my face. 

Emma Watson's three piece ensemble was designed to be worn as separates in the near future. Follow the link to see her future plans for the bustier, pants, and cape. She states, "Truly beautiful things should be worn again and again and again," and I couldn't agree more!

There are so many definitions of Eco-Friendly Fashion, but the important thing to note is that 
each takes a step forward to reducing the fashion industries impact on the planet 
(all while looking drop dead gorgeous).

All photos are sourced from UpWorthy, your source news source for all things positive! Do your day a favor and subscribe to their daily emails.  

Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael

March 27, 2016

Hair Crushin'

My favorite editorial pics from Vogue Spain March. 

My hair crush on Anais Mali may be unhealthy at this point. I'm in love with her perfectly tousled second day traveler hair. 

Photos via The Smile Blog. Click the link to see the full editorial. 

If you aren't following them you're missing out on so much life! 
Editorial porn for days. Their archive goes back to 2008. 

Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael

March 24, 2016

Something Good Vs Something Great

I found this amazing piece in Europe the Summer I moved back home. I ALMOST left the flea market without it because it was a little too loose for my taste. THEN the previous owner showed me it was reversible and it was a done deal. I actually fell in love with the loose fit and long sleeve. Can't wait to show off the darker shade this fall!

The detail in this silk tapestry coat explains everything that I love about searching for vintage. DETAILS. Something conventional clothing...even luxury brands...can lack. 

Scooped these turquoise cord mixed metal earrings at a rummage sale a few miles from my house. 

Paired with Zara black skinnies and Zara wrap strap heels.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

March 16, 2016

Last Warm Day of Winter

Took advantage of the last warm day of winter last week....but knowing Georgia weather we could very well have a freeze next week. 

My bestie snapped these in the backyard bf heading downtown. 

I <3 the 70s vibe of this skirt pockets. This was my first attempt at a blind hem and through all of the frustration it actually turned out great! BIG thank you to my Aunt Becky for showing me the ropes. 

Paired the skirt with the thigh highs I bought in Germany last Christmas, my Anne Klein body suit and leather bag. Both thrifted. 

Seemingly yours,

J. Michael

March 15, 2016

20 Below...

Sorry for the blurry pics...Freezing Temperatures + Sub Zero Winds = Snap and GO!

This vest was super simple and is one of my favorite pieces to date!
I found this deep emerald green blazer on my trip to Philly this year at Philly AIDS Thrift...
I'll post photos of their amazing shop soon.

I cut the sleeve open to check the seam allowance under the lining. If you have at least half an inch the new seam should lay nicely without any pucker or bulge.

Paired with my dark Zara skinnies, 90s thrifted ribbed turtle neck, and Nine West
color block snake skin Mary Jane pump.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael