Re2errection 2015

In October I volunteered to design for a 2econd Floor fashion show to raise funds for the Goodwill of North Georgia. It's the first thing I've done in a really really long time since I got a new job. It felt so good to get creative again and devote my talents to a good cause.


The entire premise of the show was to res2urrect Goodwill pieces into two wearable look.
Simple right...not at all!
Every designer was given 25$ and asked to design a Rock Star look to be auctioned off after the show. I went with a modern 70s look inspired by the legendary Stevie Nicks. Walking into the thrift store knowing EXACTLY what you're looking for is like searching for the needle in the haystack. I now understand why some of my besties feel overwhelmed in the thrift store.
After visiting 6 Goodwills across Atlanta, and one in NY during a work trip, I found the perfect pieces.

I designed this 70s street style matching top and high waisted short set in navy blue and classic light denim. Inspired by the good notes of the 70s, this matching boho-chic set reflects a modern day take on the era.
(the back of the top is open with a crisscross detail, BUMMED I didn't get a shot of the!!!)

 Inspired by the effortlessly bohemian style of Stevie Nicks,with a touch of skin, this flowing relaxed lace dress is ready for any 21st century festival circuit. 
The show was so much fun and the Re2errection crew was beyond lively! All designers, make-up artists, and models were volunteers.

Thank you to the founder of The 2nd Floor Corey Bertrand (top left) and my gorgeous
model Jas-Lynn (bottom right).

Check out the hashtag of the night to see more designs from the show! #re2urrection2015

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael