Met Gala: Green Carpet Challenge

Calvin Klein's collaboration with the Green Carpet Challenge for the Met Gala embodied this year's theme in a way that moves fashion forward while keeping the planet in mind.

While one dress is made from fabric sourced from recycled water bottles, another utilizes organic materials mixed with zippers made from recyclables. The various elements and levels of carbon footprint reduction put a smile on my face. 

Emma Watson's three piece ensemble was designed to be worn as separates in the near future. Follow the link to see her future plans for the bustier, pants, and cape. She states, "Truly beautiful things should be worn again and again and again," and I couldn't agree more!

There are so many definitions of Eco-Friendly Fashion, but the important thing to note is that 
each takes a step forward to reducing the fashion industries impact on the planet 
(all while looking drop dead gorgeous).

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Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael