Chop and Style

A good vintage romper is hands down my favorite thing to find while sourcing for the shop. The waist is always cinched just right and the legs are comfily loose. I honestly only needed to chop the shorts off for my trip to New Orleans with the fam last weekend. Everything else was perfect!

Of course I broke my phone....because technology is not my friend...
so the in-process pictures are gone along with a few other pics from around the city.

BUT I was able to salvage this amazing mural from Frenchmen Street. So serene.

Shout out to the madre for the photos.

On our last day, we ran by the Lafayette Cemetery for a self guided tour of the grounds.
*thank you Google*

New Orleans' cemeteries are truly a site to see. The fact that entire families are buried in the same tiny box is befalling. It's eery to read the carved marble walls and realize there are 8 people inside!

Not Pictured: scrumptious food and left over Mardi Gras beads everywhere this link
You're welcome. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael