The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit at The High Museum was a pleasant surprise! The beau and I go to The High a few times a year and I was in aw at the length of the line on a Friday evening. Kept the pics to a minimum so ZERO spoiler alerts! 

There was a little something for everyone! Creepers and Yeezy Boots were front and center. I was expecting classic styles, brands, and shoes I've heard people say "changed the game" but it was truly a walk through history. 

The original 5 Converse styles. 

This was actually my favorite part of the exhibit...not sure why though. I didn't grow up when they were popular nor have I ever owned a pair (Converse and size ten feet don't mesh with my frame lol). 

Perhaps the quintessential balanced rough dirty exterior, that still holds true today, was nostalgic for me. 

The original sneaker heel circa 1920...to mitigate the concern that we ladies would lose our "femininity" by participating in sports. Three cheers for Progress!

Brought The City out...

Clearly the beau's favorite part too.
Lots of trips down memory lane with excited strangers at this point.

AND my favorite vase on the third floor. lol.  

Obviously not a sneaker head BUT I did bring out my own version from Asos! 
Paired with a 90s vintage Liz Claiborne cotton dress  (chopped the sleeves off of a while back).

Artwork, pics, diagrams, and videos not featured but they were dope. 
Definitely recommend if they make it to your city. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael