One Time...on a Goat Farm

As of late, I've been falling in love with denim all over again! Since the launch of my Denim Bar @parisonponce here in Atlanta, my eyes are PEELED to anything blue while sourcing for the shop.

There's just something about baring a little strip of midriff that elevates an outfit.
Check out this article about the history of the crop-top here. #womenempowerment

My bff and I crashed a goat farm/art space in the area that apparently belongs to a big studio.
NOT pictured are the countless signs reading "no pictures" and chickens...and goats. lol.

*sadly no process pics on this one...ended up being just a simple chop and fray*

I took it easy on the fray for this top. Past experience tells me over time this top will hit
fray level PERFECTION after a few more washes. It's hard to resist the urge to keep going....
BUT KEEP IN MIND that your washing machine will have some say in the final look.

Thank you to my bff @visualappealxjade for being an amazing photographer. 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael