Happy to say I was able to join my fellow makers for #makesmthng week 2017!

Green Peace teamed up with Fashion Revolution to host events ALL OVER THE WORLD to celebrate the spirit of mindful consumption. I love this movement because it's not limited to clothes!

Bake a vegan cake, somehow fix an electronic doodad, or put a broken dish back together. 
ALL are ways to reduce environmental waste and MAKE our possessions LAST! 

As #upcycling and #reseaming define my blog, I decided to create a reusable version of something I toss out every single morning...cotton rounds. 

BUT, that wasn't going to keep me from supporting a fellow #maker. I wore this @auntgwen
 "back rub" print crop top to brunch with the beau. I can't wait to pair it with a wool pleated skirt!
Check out her website and original artwork...scooped the 6x6 "Joline" canvas for bday. 

Paired with an 80s grey coat from www.jmichaelvintage.com

This has been on my Pinterest board for almost a year now and coincidentally I'm down to 4 little pads this week...so fate here we are!

Cotton rounds are an everyday disposable product for me, and I'm starting rethink my use of items that end up in the garbage on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. So I decided to start HERE!

There's also a bit of "self" hidden in this diy. Reducing waste is important, but so is reducing our exposure to chemicals and pesticides which are heavily used in the production of non-organic cotton.

I did change my method and made terry cloth rounds. My Banana Republic tee was virtually PAPER THIN and was too hard to work with. I didn't see it holding up to my mascara and decided to scrap it.

I'm looking forward to making more of these babies and NEVER purchasing cotton round$ again.

Can't WAIT to host an event in Atlanta for next year's #makesmthngweek!

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael