Panama City, Panama

Cropped the top of this 80s two piece set and cuffed the sleeve and short. 

Extra cheesy tourist shots and vittles from here on out!

the beau.


Ignore the upper lip sweat i chose not to blend out and focus on the 2ND DAY CURLS! #devacut4life

I have never seen so many pelicans together...let alone all together in one tree. 

Leaving the local fish market. 

 This vintage Coach bag has saved my life. Fits all the essentials TO INCLUDE my big ass Canon. 

Made up for countless times i passed up ceviche over the past 29 years. 
(the concept always held me back!!)

This trip to the islands...along with the tan...was everything I needed this winter. 

Good meals, city views, and holiday cigars. 

Old Town. New Wave. 

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Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael