Hold On Summer...

 SKIRT BEFORE: Picked this skirt up thrifting in Zurich last winter. Hence forth the mess on my floor. One day I will be one of those people who diligently clean before travel...probably not though.
TOP BEFORE: Wore this top before our cruise set sail from Venice over the summer. Check out my Venetian Courtyard post to see how else I styled it along with the full process pics. 

Went to lunch over the weekend with the girls to indulge in a few Po'Mans Platters at Republic Social House. Until Atlanta weather dips below eighty during the day I refuse the embrace the fall.

 Took a detour with one of my besties to snap some pics around the Grant Park area.
This oxblood clutch remains to be one of my favorite Deutschland finds. Only SEVEN EUROS!!

The newest accessory I've added to my collection. Currently on the hunt for the perfect vintage jewelry box. Wish me luck!

I love the fit of this skirt. After throwing back my drink, shot, AND beer it was still flattering.
(that po'mans platter is no joke and only $8.88. If you're in the Atlanta area check it out!)

Full Fit: Steve Madden Heels, RayBan sunnies, re-seamed H&M top, re-seamed second-hand skirt.

Sorry there aren't more pics. This skirt is from my early alter adventures...before I documented well. The bottom row of pins is for the actual hem, the top is what I do with the extra material before I cut.
Fold the excess you are going to remove up into the skirt and pin it. Try on your piece before you make any cuts to ensure you've pinned properly and that it's not too short/long. It may take longer but it always leads to better results.
Laying the skirt down flat also allows you to make sure the back in a little longer then the front. Check back at the photo before to ensure you have a "U" shape. This will keep the skirt from exposing your goodies as you move and it rides up.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael