Clutch Cuts.

I see top handle bags like the one below at thrift stores often. They're not always
the cutest, however every now and then I luck up with something like this blue bad boy below.

Check how the handles are attached (inside and outside) to make sure they come off cleanly without damaging the bag. Simply snip and remove.

I suggest removing the button prior to snipping the excess string....
If not you will end up having to burn the ends to create a cleaner look.


I'm hoping to replace the button on this clutch to something more eye catching
like the elephant one on the bag below. If you know of any websites/etsy accounts 
with unique buttons please let me know.

I found this brown and yellow straw gem years ago in Valdosta, Georgia,
and simply snipped off the handles. It amazes me to find things in Germany
that are so similar to the items I find stateside.

J. Michael