A3C Kept Me Out Till 3:00

 BEFORE: snatched this "work shirt" out of the madre's closet before I moved back to Atlanta...telling on myself. I highly recommend that not another soul purchase a crop top for twenty, thirty, or forty dollars when you can thrift and dig for shirts that just need to be shortened.

Went to the A3C Hip Hop Festival last night to support my twp BFF's who make up the song writing team 2ndFloor. Follow that Link!  

 I've added a lot of black to my closet lately because of my job and now I can't stop wearing it!

 Sorry pics are so dark. This is what happens when you wait till three in the morning to ask your very tired friend to take pictures of you.

Full Fit: Meilen Werk leather jacket, reseamed crop top, lizard thicket boutique jeans, nine west boots.

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So the simplicity of this is astounding. I've probably made at least six of these tops since I've been home. All of which I picked up at local thrift stores or pulled out of my own closet.
Measure the portion around your top you plan to chop. Pin and Cut.
(yes I will always use my cardboard rulers lol )
Keep that extra piece to test on your sewing machine for correct settings. This fabric is very very stretchy and has a ton of embroidery which can get stuck while you sew. Check for loose threads around your hem and take that baby piece for a test run before you hem your tank.
The pic to the left is of my test run going to perfection. Simply sew and your done.
Make sure to keep an eye on those pins.
P.S. no pic of my ironing but you know I did!
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael