Hold Fast

 Rompers have risen to the top of my list for favorite finds through my vintage excursions.
Normally, the only thing holding them back from joining 2013 is the length of the sleeves and the doughty length of the shorts.
 I love to add cuffs to pretty much every romper I reseam. It adds a little detail to them and a more professional finish if I get a perfectly straight line.
 This vintage '96 Olympics Games charm bracelet is why I live to thrift. Its incredibly well made and was only two bucks! I'm in love with the design and history etched into each charm.
 Strolling around Buckhead on Sunday shopping for bridesmaid dresses. For this fit I only cuffed the shorts and removed the sleeves. Everything else fit perfectly.
FULL FIT: reseamed romper and Nine West American Vintage boots. 
Thanks to my BFF for snapping some pics before we ventured in to the store.
Seamingly yours,
J. Michael