Don't Be Sad Be 'Yonce

I found this silk caftan YEARS ago and just let it hang in my closet. I've always had plans to turn it into a kimono, but when I lucked up on FLOOR SEATS (section A! mind you) to the On The Run tour I had to snip it into shape for the perfect concert fit.

Paired my reseam kimono with my high-waisted vintage Levi cut offs, reseamed sweater crop top, and Steve Madden wooden sandals (the most comfy pair in my closet). 

My bestie and I taking selfies as the crowd cleared out. Thank you my love for the ticket!!

Floor seat wrist bands and hands. 
IG: @jmichaelseamery

Removing the sequins was the quickest part of the process. When de-glimmering your vintage find the string that holds it all together and pull. Unravels like butta!

I cut this up the middle after drawing a straight line with chalk. I still stick to measurements before I cut anything to CUT down on mistakes (see what I did there). 

Lastly, snipped off this detail of the original garment and created a new seam. 
(Sorry for the lack of J+B photos...there are a slew on IG so I'm sure your tired of them)

Seamingly yours, 

J. Michael