Ode to Summers Past.

"Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds." ~Regina Brett

An ode to all of my sweet summers past. The epic summer anthems road trips constant moves memories in my head are on an endless real as there is so much going on .that I've had to pencil in all of the fun. Not exactly the run around aimlessly plans of my normal world, but I'm happy to be beyond busy with something that I love and have been working towards. 

I've spent so much time cultivating, nurturing, showering, and whatever else makes seedlings happy that seeing the sprouts pop out of my metaphorical soil are making me anxious. This summer I welcome all blooms. Big, bright, nestle-your-nose-in and take a deep breath blooms.

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael

p.s. photo via @ashleylongshoreart. she's amazing. look her up on ig.