Two Easy Seams

Bodycons have never been my go to item for several can't eat, slouch, 
take long strides, run in a pinch, etc. 

So needless to say I ALMOST passed on this 90s orange dress during my last sourcing trip. 
The length and material were definitely the selling point on this one. 

*Hair flips*

Beyond easy to pin, add two seams, cut the sides, and go! 

Thrift Tip: 
Don't shy away from something that's one/two sizes to big. 
When it comes to tailoring your closet that can be the best starting point!

 Took these pics on the Southside in the sticks because the madre made a last minute visit. 
Hence the blogger's quintessential railroad track scene. 
Thanks big bro for the pics :)

This 70s bucket bag perfection came from @_itspoppin vintage

....and this is how I wrap! 

Seamingly yours,

J. Michael